Responding To Reviews: Why You Should Do It Too

Responding to reviews costs time. Especially when you have a lot of branches in your account. We simplify things by showing you all branches in one overview, making it easy to respond. We have added this feature, because it’s important to do so for local SEO reasons: it helps for better visibility in Google.

Better Visibility
Responding to reviews is valued by Google. If you respond, Google will make you more visible. The better your visibility, the more likely guests will come to your restaurant. Google says the following about this:

Get in touch with your customers by responding to their reviews. This shows that you value your customers’ feedback. When there is engagement and positive reviews from your customers, it can improve the visibility of your business and increase the likelihood of a potential customer visiting your location.

Source: Google

Build relationships with guests

Besides better visibility, another aspect is often overlooked: Guests want to be heard. That’s one of the main reasons they write a review. So make sure they are heard. Respond to reviews and show that you care about your guests. This increases your chances of turning positive guests into regulars and that guests with feedback will give you a second chance. 


Tip: Don’t wait too long to respond. Try to respond within 2 or 3 days, then you are still top of mind with your guests.

Build relationships with potential guests

Potential customers see your reviews and your responses. A 1 star rated review can be turned around with a great response from the business’ side, making it a positive review. And making it beneficial in the end, by admitting a mistake you’ve made and turning it around positively. 

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