Multi-Location Review Management

AI-Powered Responses for Efficient Multi-Location Review Management

Post sync feature

It's simple. Let us explain.

Sync your locations to Localium with just two clicks. Instantly access a dashboard displaying all your reviews, categorized by response status.

Every unresponded review receives an AI-generated suggestion. Accept, edit, or craft your own response with ease.

Received a bad review? Our instant notifications alert you immediately. Review changes? You'll be informed right away. And if you wish to invite location managers to specific locations? Consider it done!

Post sync feature

Save Time and Boost Engagement with AI-Powered Review Responses.

Everything to respond, engage, and retain customers effortlessly

Reduce Internal Time Drains

Frustrated with Google’s Business Profiles Manager? Navigate multiple locations with ease using Localium. Say goodbye to individual account log-ins and embrace swift review responses with the guidance of our integrated AI assistant. Or go for a manual response 🙂 

Build Customer Confidence with Ease

Addressing negative reviews signals to potential customers that you prioritize their concerns, cultivating trust. It also underscores your engagement and authentic presence in the business.

The right plan wil change the way you work

Choose from our affordable 3 packages
Price Table
Per monthPer location
Per monthPer location
Key features
  • Health Check
  • Post Sync
  • Reputation Management
  • PulseGuard Update Checker
  • Looker Studio Connector
  • Ideal for one GMB location
Most Popular
Per monthPer location (min.2, max 50)
Per monthPer location (min.2, max 50)
Everything from Single
  • Bulk editor
  • Premium support
On Request
50+ locations
On Request
50+ locations
Everything from Pro
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Support via Phone & Mail