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Great service! The staff was very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend this place. I had an amazing experience with Localium.

The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly, and went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. 5 stars”

John Smith – Pen Tips


We have been a loyal customer of Localium for years, and they never fail to impress me.

Their products are always top-quality and their customer service is unmatched. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy company.

Emily Kim – Geerestein groep


“I had the pleasure of attending an event organized by Localium, and it was truly a fantastic experience.

The attention to detail and level of creativity they put into the event was evident in every aspect. I look forward to attending more events by this company in the future!

Alex Wathen – MOOBi

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Marc Cornelius - CEO
"Automation is key. At Localium, we are passionate about reducing time spent on tasks. We believe that through our software, you can reduce your time spent on GBP by at least 80%."
Joey Hiemstra - CTO
“We came up with the best Laravel solutions to create this application. Shoutout to the team who did an incredible job”