About us

The faces behind the local buttons.

The team

Joey Hiemstra

management / developer

In terms of code, Joey is the founder of Localium and a great asset. Since many years Joey has been to be found within <?php and ?> commands. 

Marc Cornelius


The reason you are now coming across this website through Ads & Socials is thanks to Marc. His specialty lies within Google Ads & funnel building. Has a fascination with whales.

Erwin Enter

management / GMB expert

The reason you can optimize your GMB so well thanks to Localium is thanks to Erwin. For years, he has been involved with SEO, GMB and volleyball.

Rene Vrieling


Localium’s first staff member. Works extremely hard to keep up with Joey’s high standards. And with success. Ambition is Rene’s middle name. 

The story of Localium

A founder story.

It all started quite organically. A customer asked for a solution to manage hundreds of sites simply at an affordable price. In the first instance, this was for the purpose of relaying Google My Company < > Facebook. Later, the question arose whether it was possible to do the same for Google Reviews.

Marc & Erwin asked Joey, a freelance developer, to think along with them. There appeared to be a lot of demand and a product was built to initially help this customer. And so Erli was born.   

At the time of writing (November 2021), we’ve already helped 1,000 companies and put through more than 50,000 posts.  And that’s not where it ends!