Google Shuts Down GBP Websites

In March, Google will discontinue the feature that allows for the creation of websites through Google Business Profiles. Following this change, any attempts to access these websites will be automatically redirected to the associated Business Profile until June 10. After this date, users will be greeted with a “page not found” error message, as per Google’s recent announcement.

This is a significant development for businesses that rely on their own websites for customer interaction and engagement. To navigate this change effectively, businesses must establish a new website using alternative platforms. Once the new site is live, it’s crucial to update the Google Business Profile with the new site’s address before the deadline. This step is essential to ensure a seamless transition for customers and maintain online visibility.

Google has recommended several platforms for creating a new website, including Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Google Sites, Shopify, and WordPress. Each of these offers unique features and tools to build a professional web presence.

Take action before march 2024

For businesses running ad campaigns linked to a website created through Google Business Profile, it’s important to take action before March 1. The link in the Ads campaign should be updated to the new website to avoid any disruption in advertising. Alternatively, businesses can choose to pause their campaigns during this transition period.

Additionally, businesses using custom domains that direct traffic to their Google Business Profile website need to address this change. Until June 10, these custom domains will redirect to the Business Profile. To manage this transition smoothly, businesses should log into their hosting company accounts and use the “Redirect” feature or a similar option. This will reroute the traffic from the third-party domain to the new website, ensuring continuity in customer access.

Soon to be removed…

In a statement to Search Engine Land, a Google spokesperson emphasized that websites created with Google Business Profiles are basic and primarily driven by the information on the Business Profiles. They advised that domains ending with and will be removed from the website field on Business Profiles in March. Google strongly recommends updating your Business Profile to link to a new website to maintain your online presence and customer reach.


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