Google Business Profiles Reporting In Google Looker Studio

Google Business Profiles Reporting In Google Looker Studio

Making your data intelligible to your customers in an automated way. It doesn’t get any better than that, of course. Through Google Data Studio it is possible to load all this in real time. You can even choose to send a monthly report to your customers from many sources, such as Google Ads, Analytics, Pinterest, Google My Company and more.

With Data Studio, it works roughly as follows: You specify the sources. Specifies which charts to use, what time frame to use, and you’re done.

However, it doesn’t go that simple for every source. For a Google Ads, there are standard solutions from Google available within Data Studio. Analytics idem. But for a Google My Business link with Data Studio, a bit more time, work and especially money is required.

Ready-made solutions do exist. But as mentioned above, expensive. And that’s not so nice for when you only want to plot some charts. From Erli we have come up with a cheap solution for this.

Within Erli you can use the Google My Business to Data Studio link for free if you want to create less than 5 links. If you have more than 5 branches or customers you want to link, you pay 3 EUR per month.

Data Studio connection

Free for 5 locations, after the price below
1 Monthly
  • 24/7 data GMB -> Data Studio
  • Free & ready to go templates
  • Altijd inzicht in telefoontjes, routebeschrijvingen, views op Google Maps & meer

Google Business Profiles Reporting In Google Looker Studio

With the above, we added up several branches of a customer in a report. These are large numbers (100+ branches), so the link can easily handle this as well.

Other possibilities include: 

1. The number of reviews per day
2. Displays
3. Directions
4. Displays on Google Maps
5. Views within Google
6. Clicks via Google My Business
7. Phone calls
8. Google Post views
9. Opening hours
10. Ratings

And much more.

For example, the following reports are possible with this:

What can you do with Google My Business to Data Studio link?

Creating reports. Creating lots of reports. And that looks like the following, for example. 

Google My Business Data Studio Templates (downloads)

We have created two free Data Studio templates for you so that you can report to your customers right away. One is suitable for marketing agencies & companies with multiple offices, you will find overviews for multiple offices or customers. The other is for when you have one physical branch.



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