Google My Business becomes Google Business Profile (update weekly)

Google My Company becomes Google Business Profile 2021 (update 9/1/22)

Big news from Google Land! Google My Business is now called: Google Business Profile. Why? Because Google is working hard to make your Business Profile more accessible and effective. We have seen many small updates pass by in recent times; also the effect of this and as a whole on GMB performance. More and more is done locally – this is becoming increasingly important. 

It is therefore a logical step to make Local Search even more interesting for users. For business owners this also offers more and more new opportunities. Stay up to date; in the near future we will continue to update this blog with new information from Google.

What exactly is changing with the advent of the Business Profile?

The name changes: Google My Business becomes Business Profiles. 

In addition, editing the Business Profile is brought forward: As an owner, you can edit your business’ information directly from Google Maps or Google Search. Also super easy to do on mobile. It looks like this:

This is great for when you have one or not so many branches of course. Easier and faster insight into your actions.

There is also (even) more focus on a link with Merchant Center and the shopping feeds. Where you now see no input in the Google My Business profiles about links with WOO, for example, you will see that now:

When you click through on that you will see the following:

Here, of course, there is more to it.

Alphabet – the parent company of Google – is going to make a fist against the shopping giant: Amazon. Whereas Amazon receives practically 40% of its revenue through third-party sales, Google is going to offer this for free. In other words, with free shopping opportunities. This process has been accelerated by the events of recent years, such as lockdowns. Small business owners also need to make the move to online. This will make the whole thing easier for these smaller players in the market. In fact, shopping results will soon be filterable by local providers as well! Uploading shopping feeds thus requires practically the same format as Amazon. Handy! Read the original update message from Google here.

What is changing with this new Google Business Profile update?

For the large organizations with multiple sites, there is relatively little change initially. Bulk editing etc. cannot be done on the front end, as is the case with one company. Therefore, for companies with many branches, franchises, etc., it will continue to work the same – however, we can logically expect updates here in time. Keeping in mind the updates regarding large chains, their display – it is to be expected that something will change here soon – that there will be even more possibilities for this. Thinking of making products more visible. Point remains, all these branches are often locally focused. So the previous paragraph still applies

overzicht beheren van google business profile

What impact does this have on your business?

This makes it easier for smaller companies to modify information and add updates immediately. So being more relevant becomes easier. This is achieved by being able to edit your Business Profile directly in the search results. For large companies with multiple offices and franchises, little will change; except that it is now key to seize the upcoming opportunities through the developments with both hands.

How do you claim your company profile in search results or on maps?

That will still go through the same route; however – if you already have a verified Merchants account and are logged in with that account, you can now get access faster. 

Now where and how can you collect your reviews with the Business Profile?

Collecting reviews is now becoming a little more accessible. Where previously we had to search from where to share the link today (read here), this has now become super easy (especially on mobile):

makkelijker reviews met Business Profile via mobiel

You then get an additional addition on the ability to share the review: Whatsapp! 

Makkelijk reviews verzamelen via je mobiel op bedrijfsprofiel

With the addition of the whatsapp option, it may become a little more approachable to share the link with customers.

Update 26/11/21: Google adds 4 new functions

The four new features that Google is adding early in November 2021 direction focus on improving the shopping experience. As such, these updates focus on providing customers with the right information. So that potential customers can shop more easily. 

Addition of Live tracking of how busy a location is in Google My Business

Where previously it was possible to keep track of how busy it is at a location and at what time based on visitor history, this is now done live. This has not yet been rolled out everywhere (first the US, then the rest will follow) so can be expected soon for all places. This is what it looks like:

Better indicate directions in large overarching buildings such as malls, airports and major transit locations

When you’re at the airport, for example, it can be useful to know exactly where the restaurant is, or exactly where the coffee shop is. And of course the lounges. This is now much easier with the addition of directories. It also looks reasonably well-organized, although it now seems a bit too simple filtered by Google on the number of reviews. 

Huge opportunities lurking big chains like: Jumbo pick up points, Picnic, Albert Heijn etc. in GMB

What it will be called in the Netherlands is not yet known. In the US it is titled as: Grocery Shopping. What does it do? The pilot tested ordering groceries via Google My Business. The order status is tracked through Google Maps and the customer can share the ETA through Google Maps so that the pick-up point knows exactly what time the customer arrives. Even the parking spot where the customer navigated to can be added.

Healthcare providers (doctors, physical therapists, etc.) will have ability to display health insurance coverage + spoken languages

In the US, healthcare providers affiliated with Medicare (health insurance for large group of 65+ people) can display this specifically in the mobile local search results, i.e. via Business Profiles.

Anyways, Great opportunities when this rolls out further for healthcare providers such as Physiopractices, doctor’s offices and other healthcare providers. Although Physiopractices are also increasingly moving forward without reimbursements through health insurance!

In addition, healthcare providers can also indicate in which languages help is offered; useful for when people are abroad and want to be helped in their own language.

Google adds more options to further specify reviews

Recently, Google has been rolling out new updates at a rapid pace. Thus, reviews have also been steadily expanded. The reviews are up to services level. When the customer writes the review, the first thing to indicate is whether the service has actually been used. If yes, then the service options are displayed. These can be clicked on – making the review focused and assigning value to those specific services. These services are thus derived from the company profile, in which these services / products / services are indicated.

Car dealers can sell car inventory throughout Google Business Profiles in US (waiting for rollout Europe)

Google is betting heavily on the auto market. As of about January 7, it has become possible to offer total inventory of car dealers directly through Google Business Profiles. This can be done through feeds, but also through a partnership of dealer systems. Currently this is only possible in the US. When this will be rolled out further is not known – we are very curious about the effectiveness of it!

Updates 2022 Google Business Profile

Here we will start adding all the updates for Google Business Profiles. New things have been added while writing this blog; here we are going to keep you updated with all relevant updates!

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