Google Adds Social Media Posts To Google Posts

In a world where everyone and everything is online, Google has made a big change to help businesses show off their social media directly on Google Search. Think of it like putting your business’s social media highlights in a special box whenever someone searches for your business on Google. This new change is like a bridge connecting your business’s online shop or website with your social media pages, making it easier for customers to see what’s new and exciting with your business.

Why this matters

Imagine you’re looking for a new café to visit. You search Google and find one nearby. Now, along with the café’s location and hours, you can see their latest Instagram posts about the new pumpkin spice latte or a recent event they hosted. This gives you a better feel for the café before you even step foot inside.

How it works

Business owners can now link their social media accounts, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others, to their Google Business profile. This lets Google show recent posts from these accounts right in the business’s listing on Google. It’s like having your social media feed on display for everyone who finds your business through Google.

Setting It Up

Linking your social media to your Google Business profile isn’t too hard. Google has made it straightforward through the Google Business dashboard, where you manage your business’s information on Google. By connecting your accounts, you ensure that the latest posts and updates from your social media are automatically shown to potential customers.

The Big Picture

For businesses, this is a game-changer. It makes your Google listing much more lively and interactive. Instead of just seeing your business hours and a map, customers can now get a peek into your business’s personality through your social media posts. This could mean more people visiting your website, calling your business, or walking through your door.

Making the Most of It

To really benefit from this new feature, keep your social media lively and engaging. Regular posts about new products, special events, or even behind-the-scenes looks at your business can make your Google Business listing stand out. It’s all about catching the eye of potential customers and giving them a reason to choose your business over others.


Google’s new feature of adding social media posts to Business Listings is a big step forward for digital marketing. It helps businesses connect with customers in a more dynamic and engaging way. By taking advantage of this, businesses can not only increase their visibility online but also create a more compelling reason for customers to interact with them.

Looking Ahead

As digital spaces evolve, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses. Google’s integration of social media into Business Listings is just the start. Who knows what other innovative features will come next? For now, tapping into this new tool can give businesses a significant advantage in the digital marketplace.

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