The Importance Of Opening Hours on Local SEO

Google has recently updated its local ranking algorithm, significantly influencing how businesses appear in search results, according to SEroundTable. As reported by Joy Hawkins and her team, this new ranking factor is based on whether a business is listed as open or closed according to its business hours. This change means that businesses currently closed are now ranking lower than before. Previously, a business’s ranking was unaffected by its operational hours. For example, a business closed at 6 am would rank similarly as when it opened at 9 am. But with this update, Google now considers the current open status of the business while delivering local search results​​.

Google’s Algorithm is evolving

This evolution in Google’s algorithm accentuates the need for an accurate and dynamic digital presence for businesses, especially those operating in multiple locations. Our software addresses this challenge head-on. It offers an efficient and effective way to manage and update the operational hours of businesses across various listings. This capability is crucial because it directly influences the visibility and search ranking of businesses in local searches.By using our tool, businesses can ensure that their opening hours are consistently updated across all platforms. This not only helps in adhering to the latest SEO practices but also enhances the chances of appearing in search results at the right time, maximizing potential customer interactions.

Summary, what should you do?

In summary, Google’s shift in prioritizing open businesses in local search results underscores the importance of accurate business hours in SEO strategies. Our software provides a comprehensive solution to manage these details effortlessly across multiple locations, thus empowering businesses to maintain an optimal online presence and improve their local SEO ranking.

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