Discover the Top 9 Custom GPTs for SEO Available in the GPT Store

Dive into the latest advancements for SEO professionals with the top custom GPTs featured in the GPT Store, tailored for tasks such as content optimization and keyword analysis. Authored by Alex Klugerman on February 21, 2024, this comprehensive guide sheds light on how SEO experts are leveraging ChatGPT for enhanced content creation, keyword research, and technical SEO improvements.

The launch of OpenAI’s GPT store in January 2024 marks a significant milestone, opening up avenues for ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users to explore and utilize custom GPTs crafted for a myriad of applications. This initiative echoes the approach of Apple and Google’s app stores, aiming to enrich OpenAI’s offerings with specialized features and experiences. The future holds a payment model rewarding app developers based on user engagement.

SEO professionals have already created over 3 million custom GPT versions, exploiting AI for various SEO tasks. From generating human-like text for content creation to utilizing natural language processing (NLP) for keyword discovery, ChatGPT’s capabilities are transforming SEO strategies.

Custom GPT’s

Custom GPTs, or plugins, are specialized versions of ChatGPT that integrate specific instructions, knowledge, and skills. OpenAI’s platform enables anyone to create and list their GPTs in the GPT store, fostering a community of developers and users. These custom GPTs maintain the familiar conversational interface of ChatGPT, with added functionalities such as API access for external data retrieval.

The GPT Store offers access to an array of custom GPTs for SEO, including tools for content creation, SEO analysis, web scraping, and backlink auditing. These tools are continually updated, reflecting the dynamic nature of SEO and OpenAI’s evolving features.

Let’s dive deeper into the top 9.

The Top 9 AI SEO Tools

  • SEOmator Free Keyword Research & SERP Analyzer GPT by This comprehensive tool delves into Google to fetch real-time search volume data, pinpointing optimal keywords for SEO, analyzing search engine results page rankings, and evaluating on-page SEO metrics.
  • Backlink Auditor by Focused on backlink audits, this GPT analyzes and fine-tunes SEO backlink strategies, improving profile quality and providing actionable insights.
  • Scraper by An advanced web scraping tool capable of extracting complex and dynamic content, aiding in competitor page rank tracking and strategy comprehension.
  • Website Analyzer by ARTURS MEDNIS: Perfect for initial analyses of new domains, offering insights into a website’s performance, SEO, and UX metrics with a focus on Web Vitals. It also guides users to the best tools for deeper analysis.
  • FAQ Schema Markup Generator by Brian Wylie: Key for boosting Google SERP features and SGE responses with structured data markup, this GPT produces schema FAQs for any webpage URL, available in list, HTML, or FAQ Schema formats.
  • Outrank Article by Crafted to eclipse competitors, this tool conducts thorough SEO analyses for articles, providing strategies to achieve higher rankings based on competitor URL inputs.
  • SEO by Elevate: Provides an all-encompassing on-page SEO analysis by examining any URL to offer optimization insights for headings and content, alongside evaluations of loading times, broken link identification, image analysis, mobile-friendliness, and SSL certification verification.
  • Bramework SEO Booster by Bramework: As an SEO-enhanced blogging assistant, it delivers insights into keywords, search volume, rankings, and SERP features, enriching SEO strategies with related keyword analysis and converting YouTube videos into blog and social media posts.
  • Automated Writer by OctaneAI: A sophisticated content creation tool that generates well-researched, optimized content in your voice. Inputs such as content topic, target keywords, tone of voice, past content examples, and objectives yield precisely tailored output, supported by Bing research.

These custom GPTs stand at the forefront of SEO technology, providing dynamic solutions to meet the evolving needs of SEO professionals and digital marketers, aiming for greater efficiency, precision, and strategic insight in SEO endeavors.

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