Skyrocketing Digital Artistry: How Pen.Tips Boosted Website Clicks by 77%

Pen.Tips combined love for art with smart online moves. See how we boosted our website visits by 77% and made a big splash in the digital art world.

Unlock your Digital Creativity

PenTips is a booming startup that delivers a better experience to digital artists. PenTips products’ make drawing on a digital canvas even more perfect. With a successful Kickstarter project in 2022, backed in 11 hours they’ve already inspired more than 50.000 artists. 

How did an E-commerce business transform into a large innovative player? With continuous investments in new developments and own products, PenTips is gaining a dominant position in the market.

Localium came into play one year ago. With the rapid expansion of innovation came an increase in demand for a professional appearance to gain more and more trust. 

Why Localium?

The main focus to use Localium was to build a complete and trusted brand. 

Since the launch of PenTips the growth kept going. And with the use of PenTips as a brand name, there’s a lot of competition obviously. When delivering worldwide with no physical shops, it’s becoming more and more important to make a great first impression when people use Google Search. So, to be triggered by category in Google and to build on our brand, an optimization from the business profile was necessary.

Our profile wasn’t working for us, it was working against us. We were one of the businesses that did not claim our profile. Because we didn’t know. So it wasn’t completed and we didn’t know what the possibilities were. For example – our website wasn’t filled in. Also, we didn’t add any products.

The Results

With optimizing our profile we saw a tremendous increase in views on search and maps. With adding products (branded images), the link to our webshop and all information – the first part was already done.

The profile started to grow. With the daily fresh content in our business profile feed, people got more and more engaged and started to trust Pen.Tips at an early stage.

Conversion rate from the Google Business Profile listing went up to 5,65% until today. Also, we have seen a spike in Clicks to the website. Compared to last year we have seen an increase in 77% in Website Clicks. 

+ 77% more website clicks

+ 6% conversion rate via GBP

+ 288% more Directions via Maps