Promote our platform & gain profit. Up to 30% commission per sale.

Why join the Localium affiliate program?

High commissions

Sign up as an affiliate and benefit from high commissions per affiliated customer or branch.

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Keep track of your statistics

Every quarter we pay out the amount you have earned, provided the amount reaches EUR 100. In our dashboard you can read at any time what you have saved up to that point.

Available all over the globe

The world is your customer base, as we are available all around the globe. 

Bonus commissions

Every six months we pay out a big bonus to the affiliate who managed to bring in the most customers. Think of an iPad, e-reader and more.

Our payout model

New paid customer

30% per month, lifetime

Working with us is simple

1. Sign up

Sign up as an affiliate and get started.

2. Links and material

We have material ready as you go. Use material such as presentations, banners and more.

3. Get your commission

Get your commission for every purchase. 

Experiences of our affiliates

“I have many customers with many branches. 1 simple affiliation already provides me with a substantial commission.”

Bernt Muurling

Google Ads Specialist

“On my blog I regularly post an affiliate link. Because Localium’s target audience reaches my website I am now bringing in nice extra commissions. “

Jurgen Cohort

Google Ads Specialist & Author

“I have a marketing agency and include Localium in my quotes by default. It’s a simple upsell that gets me a little extra, too. Would recommend!”

Ruben Runneboom

Owner of marketing agency